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Economic downfall: The future of the IT landscape

Written by Richard Blewitt, Sales Director at Aptronics 

There is very little hesitation in the minds of South Africans that our economy is under huge pressure. You just need to look at the news headlines to see it. With the rand weakening and interest rates on the rise, businesses around the country are being left in a precarious position when it comes to their spending habits and budget planning.

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The Immutable Ledger: How Blockchain Will Transform Your Business

Written by Naresh Pema, Enterprise Engineer Open Source

Cryptocurrency may be in its infancy, but like the internet – the technology used to manage and distribute it – its adoption has been far reaching and its implications are enormous. Today, business could not survive without the internet, and in the future, I can’t imagine a business not engaging with cryptocurrency, or one of its underlying technologies at least: Blockchain.

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6 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Relocating Your Data Centre


Written by Sunny Desai, Professional Services Manager
An organisation may choose to migrate its data centre for any number of reasons. Migrations may be necessitated by a data consolidation after a business merger, the changing needs of a growing business, an end-of-lease situation, a decision to move to the cloud, and many other factors besides. Whatever your goals there are certain questions that must be addressed before taking action in order to streamline the process and minimise the risks of anything going wrong. 

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Six reasons to consider cloud in your SME

SME in the Cloud

Enterprises have begun exploring cloud-based infrastructure, but SMEs stand to benefit the most from this transition. In 2014, World Wide Worx found that 22% of SMEs in South Africa were using cloud services, which equates to a 13% increase from two years earlier. More and more Aptronics clients from the SME space are enquiring about the benefits a move to cloud infrastructure could offer their business.

There are a number of reasons why cloud-based infrastructure is ideally suited for small businesses and start-ups:

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Could your disaster recovery be impeding your business continuity?


In today’s world, having an IT disaster recovery plan in place is not enough to ensure business continuity. No large business should be caught dead without a strategy in place to counter the effects of IT downtime. Businesses may assume that IT disaster recovery equals business continuity.

But just because you have elements of IT disaster recovery planning (DRP) in place, doesn’t mean you’re not immune to disruptions.

So how can you build a Business Continuity Plan (BCP) that works? We have tips on how to build a plan that works.

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Does your sales selling strategy need to evolve?

SalesComplex disruptive technologies have drastically changed the IT needs of customers. Aptronics’ Sales Director Richard Blewitt takes a look at how technology companies can change their sales selling approaches to adapt.

Traditionally, IT was a cost centre in a business. As a result, the sales cycle around it was both faster and more price-driven. Customers would give their IT requirements and solutions providers would fulfil these, without much additional conversation. Continue reading