Architecture and Design

Our clients rely on Aptronics’ breadth of skills, experience and excellence in the design and delivery of solutions, to improve efficiencies, save costs and deliver these values through to the bottom line.

Our technical team includes Solution Architects, Technical Consultants and Project Managers. These groups have many years of experience in designing and deploying mission critical, enterprise wide technology using industry best practice and innovative techniques.

From pre-sales to post-sales, the design methodology and ultimate end goal is common between every team on your project.

We pride ourselves on the highest levels of OEM certification achieved by our Architecture team and are constantly adding certifications and new skills to our portfolio to ensure we remain current, compelling and relevant.

This allows us to build our solutions, based on industry certainties, best of breed components and sound solution practices, ensuring peace of mind and comfort when working with Aptronics.

Aptronics can be seen as an extension of your internal teams, seamlessly integrating into the Plan, Build and Run components of your projects.