Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing, the latest hype or a serious solution for a diverse set of challenges and rapidly changing business demands?

Millions of apps, billions of devices! Public, Private or Hybrid? On premise, off premise?

The descriptions and options are changing as quickly as the technology and as for the interpretation of descriptions. Needless to say, there remains some confusion over cloud.

Aptronics understands that it’s not just hosting repackaged. Hosting falls well short of the flexibility, functionality and cost savings that cloud technologies can offer when implemented correctly and aligned to business drivers.

If you’ve completed a large data centre project or have invested heavily over the years why would you want to move all of this to an off premises cloud solution? Where is the ROI? Where are the business bottom line benefits?

Aptronics is aware of the financial costs involved and actively look to leverage your investment without the push to move you to an off premise solution that might appear more beneficial but in reality, when the covers come off, has very little to offer.

With a vision to enable clients to achieve cloud functionality within their own data centers, our solutions offer all of the benefits with none of the risks associated with data and security. Infrastructure can be owned or outsourced but it remains on your premises under your control.

Partnering with major players that include HP and EMC, with Hypervisors from VMware, Microsoft and Open Source vendors, Aptronics enables clients to have the most appropriate private cloud solution for each specific need.

Through our consulting, architecture and design services we walk the road with our clients to custom build in house cloud based solutions.

Spend some time talking to HP’s first CCOE (Cloud Centre of Excellence) in Africa and hear a refreshingly different story of cloud, one that starts off by listening to you, the client, and your requirements.

You will find a diverse portfolio of products supported by an experienced team of architects, consultants and engineers who understand that cloud doesn’t start with a forklift approach.