Data Protection

Driven by exponential growth, regulatory compliance challenges and 24 x 7 operational needs, protection of data has far outgrown the more traditional back up and recovery solutions of the past. Aptronics is very aware of this changing paradigm.

In addition to basic infrastructure centric backup and recovery solutions, Aptronics has a range of solutions that enable enterprise level recovery strategies which include:-

  • Traditional backup and restore using new disk based technologies
  • Software and array based replication
  • Disk to Disk technologies
  • De-Duplication
  • Cloud based backup & restore – private, hybrid and public
  • Virtualised solutions

It’s not just about implementing the solution. As backup and recovery becomes more complex and more critical, operational management of the service assumes as much importance as line of business applications.

Aptronics can assist through the provision of software tools that analyse which areas of the business is not protected, operational support for backup and recovery solutions or day to day oversight of the deployed solution.