Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

The traditional desktop in the enterprise environment is an IT departments biggest nightmare, some of the challenges include management, security, high cost of ownership, wasted compute resources, a lack of enforceable standards and data loss.

Aptronics, working with class leading virtualisation products such as VMware and Citrix, have the expertise and experience to help our customers transition from traditional desktop computing to a robust, flexible, secure, and operationally cost effective solution.

Desktop virtualisation has many benefits, including a lower total cost of ownership (TCO), increased security, reduced energy costs, reduced downtime and centralised management.

Desktop virtualisation maximises compute resources in a central location, typically in a data centre whilst building a resilient centralised infrastructure offering improved controls and security helping clients meet compliance objectives.

The ability to rollout software and security patches can now be done by a click of a button, changes are made to the enterprise in minutes not days offering improved operating.

Aptronics have developed and repeatedly demonstrated a solid methodology to help customers from analysis phase all the way to final deployment phase.

Are you really comfortable with your current EUC deployment?